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yo sup got some pretty cool games btw its me azieem umm i was wondering about that game i suggested 2 u the space rpg game i forgot the name lol but can u make it.It'll b highly appriciated.BTW this is not my pc so i cant download it today but maybe another when im using mine.

errrr, sorry but i can't just 'make an rpg space game' in an instant. When I finish my game, i'll see if i can try to make it, if not, go make it urself. I hope u understand

- Ameer

I know i ment if u COULD ever make it.But u dont have a bad idea.I could make it ur games tho i cant wait to get home from vacay 2 get them and thx 4 the follow.. hey can we chat here like since u dont have facebook and stuff?