A downloadable injection for Windows

Injection is about getting injected into a computer to kill a MURDEROUS machine and ummmm. Oh, wait did I mention the MURDEROUS machine?

Oh and don't forget the MURDEROUS machine.

Install instructions

First you click the download button, then open up the file you just downloaded and BOOM. You now have my game.


Injection.exe 5 MB


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yo sup got some pretty cool games btw its me azieem umm i was wondering about that game i suggested 2 u the space rpg game i forgot the name lol but can u make it.It'll b highly appriciated.BTW this is not my pc so i cant download it today but maybe another when im using mine.

errrr, sorry but i can't just 'make an rpg space game' in an instant. When I finish my game, i'll see if i can try to make it, if not, go make it urself. I hope u understand

- Ameer

I know i ment if u COULD ever make it.But u dont have a bad idea.I could make it myself.love ur games tho i cant wait to get home from vacay 2 get them and thx 4 the follow.. hey can we chat here like since u dont have facebook and stuff?