A downloadable game for Windows


Update 2 :

- Added Controller Support

But before all that then you time travel, or is it after, I really can't tell the difference. Time travel is full of paradoxes.

SO, will you overcome them?

(of course you will)


'WASD' to move.

Hold 'shift' when up against a wall to hold on to it (while falling or jumping).

Hold 'UP' when on the ceiling to hold to the ceiling.

PS: All sprite and image work done in the screenshots are ALL TEMPORARY.

PPS: If I end my sentences with a semi-colon, its because i'm programming to much;

PPPS: As soon as I can, i'll upload the first experimental build just to see if people like the game;

PPPPS: I changed the game from a shooter to a puzzle game and is currently working on a pre-release for it.

Have a HORIBBLE day;

Oops, I mean: Have a good day!

Install instructions

Download the .exe file and then run it and BOOM. You have my game.



The Paradox Machine (12 MB)


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Please post useful stuff in the comments. Like constructive critisism, or some other thing about the paradox machine. Anything else would be taken down eventually.

- Ameer (thechief.itch.io)